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A stay full of memoriesActivities to enjoy at Galéria in Balagne

Galéria is a small town in the Balagne region of Corsica, renowned for its grandiose landscapes and outdoor activities. You are probably wondering what to do in Galéria during your stay at the Palazzu hotel? Between sea and mountains, this typical and preserved village offers you a myriad of possibilities to occupy your days of vacation.

Discover the best activities to do in Galéria and leave with memories engraved forever.



Marine activities to do in Galéria

At the gates of the vast Scandola nature reserve which extends over 900 hectares of land and 1000 hectares of sea, many activities to do in Galéria are available to guests of the Palazzu hotel:


  • Boat trip at sea to discover the fauna and flora of Scandola departing from the port of Galéria
  • Kayak ride between water lilies and sea turtles in the biosphere reserve, Fango river delta
  • Lazy afternoon on the pebble beach of Galéria, a very quiet place to rest, even in the height of the summer season


Come and explore the maritime treasures and choose a hobby for the whole family among the activities to do in Galéria.


Mountain activities to do in Galéria


Galeria, a village built on the mountainside from which you will discover a fiercely preserved terrestrial nature. Among the activities to do in Galéria, hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by the many trails to explore, on foot or by bike:

  • The coast of Punta Muvraveccia to admire a spectacular view of the sea
  • The "postman's path" to reach the village of Girolata
  • The Calca dam via the Tra Mare and Monti trail to get to Lake Calca
  • The customs path from Girolata

Fancy a cool break in the Corsican mountains? Live one of the most incredible activities by giving yourself a moment of bathing in the natural pools of the Fango River. Located in the valley of the same name, they mark out the course of this protected watercourse which has its source at the foot of Capu Tafunatu before flowing into the Mediterranean.

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Traditional activities to do in Galéria

This Corsican village is relatively recent, built in the 19th century. However, its vestiges of the past bear witness to a rich history and will delight history buffs looking for activities to do in Galéria:

  • Stroll through the historic center of the village and see the town hall and the parish church of Sainte-Marie
  • Explore the Genoese tower A Torra di a Force di u Fangu dating from the 16th century and restored in 1977 and which hosts many traditional and cultural events
  • Admire the Fango delta and Ricciniccia beach behind the old Genoese tower
  • Meet local inhabitants, fishermen and producers who will be delighted to introduce you to their land and their agro-pastoral heritage
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