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Eco-responsable Hotel

An etablishment sensible to environnemental issue

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The Palazzu hotel is an ecology-conscious establishment

Are you sensitive to environmental issues and want to stay in a responsible hotel establishment? Do not hesitate any longer and discover the Palazzu Hotel, concerned about ecology.

This 4-star hotel is committed to the preservation of natural environments to offer its customers a simple and warm welcome while minimizing the impact of its activity on the environment.



Palazzu hotel commitment to ecology

This is one of the most preserved regions of France. Its insularity and unique climates have allowed the development of a rich and unique fauna and flora. Like all its inhabitants, the founders of the Palazzu Hotel make it a point of honor to commit to ecology.

In addition, travelers are becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental protection and value resorts that put in place real actions to offer a accommodation service that respects nature.

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Our actions and your participation for a sustainable tourism


Our hotel is now turning to an eco-responsible approach to preserve a fragile and exceptional environment, help us maintain this heritage. To carry out this project, all our lighting goes into low consumption (LED) & solar. The pool and exteriors benefit from lighting on clock or movement cell, the water is treated with "lozonex system" A photovoltaic pergola will produce part of our electricity and will be installed at the end of 2024. In the rooms, shampoos and soaps are rechargeable. An automatic air conditioning shutdown system is active in a privilege room when the bay window is open: Please take care to stop the air conditioning by yourself in the other rooms when you open your bay window the shower flushes and water are also optimized to consume less. Hot water is produced price to solar water heaters. For the laundry you can choose to drop off the towels that Glazed. Flushing and shower water are also optimized to consume less: Hot water is produced thanks to solar water heaters. For the sheets, you can choose to leave the towels you want to change in the shower of your room, so that only they are replaced. Changes of sheets are made on your request also all our cleaning products used for cleaning rooms and restaurants are environmentally friendly. In the SPA, the thermodynamic system and the constant temperature with the protective cover make it possible to keep consumption to a minimum. For the restaurant and breakfast, we chose local homemade or organic products as much as possible. We only use glass bottles at the bar, some of which are consigned. The dishwashing washes of the dive and the bar are economical in water and energy efficient like all the machines that are renewed in the restaurant. All the paper used is recycled and eco-labelled. We actively participate in the complete sorting of our waste, door to door with the community of municipalities of Calvi Balagne.

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